I fell in love with a “Pathological Malignant Narcissist”, twice!!

“Why do we see the red flags in life and choose to ignore them”

Nearly a decade ago, I developed a Facebook site called “The Red Flag Society”. While sitting around a bonfire with friends one evening, the topic came up about “Why did we see the red flags of a toxic relationship and still chose to ignore them?”.  One by one, each of us told the story of loving someone with a Narcisisstic Personality Disorder.

NPD was an interesting topic to  do some research on.  Many of us wonder why we acknowledge Red Flags and chose to ignore them!

In toxic relationships, there are many Red Flags that come about that we choose to ignore for whatever our reasons. What occurs during these relationships that keep us connected is trauma bonding, chemical attractions, soulless ties and the comfort of familiarity. Little things really turn into big ones before our eyes.

“All Shook Up, Again” became my story. It didn’t happen once, but twice…
Cognitive Dissonance plays a very heavy hand in what keeps a relationship wrapped up in this chaos
and manipulation . In my case, with the same narcissist, again and yet again!

Through the years, the information that I’ve studied about toxic relationships has been shared on The Red Flag Society sites. Over the years RFS received hundreds of messages through the years from followers that were grateful for the collected material and easy access to it to be read when it was needed. The stories and scenes were always the same, only the actors and actresses were different.

I named the author of these blogs Echo. As in Greek Mythology, Echo lost her right to have her “own” voice when she fell deeply in love with Narcissus. This was a curse, quite like the one we go under when we fall in love with a narcissist. I have been writing in my journals throughout the years just trying to keep straight what the reality was, verses what my narcissist tried to project the reality to be. I found myself fall many times knowing his version was only a projection and changed daily.

“All Shook Up Again” will be released shortly!

Within these pages is a raw verse of true experiences when riding shotgun on Mr. Toad’s ride. Honestly the ups and downs of loving a narcissist will change your life. A narcissist is textbook and once you catch their rhythm, they are easily read.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find some of the information written helpful, enlightening and informative. It is riddle with my writings from the heart, to information and my interpretation as to why I fell in love and remained with my narcissist through the years.

I thought I was “All Shook up” the first time around, but then it happened “Again”.

Same Narcissist, same story, nothing changed again… except me!

We can never shed the experience we encounter, but can share it with those that may need validation that they are not alone when falling in love with the unlovable. 

Enjoy my Blog!