How can one reach beyond the feelings of betrayal? We give of our hearts, mind, souls and bodies to find that our partner does not have  regard or the same respect as we deserve.  Narcissist betrayal of love is without closure or empathy. Toxic relationships that are absents of soulful ties are easy to discard, because they are unrequited. 

“A heart filled with pain for loving you
knowing you have no soul”

We love and hope that the love we have is requited. This is not the case with a Narcissist. It’s not you, it’s not what you have to offer a relationship, be it love, family, parent or friend. A Narcissist is incapable of understanding the depths of love that is offered from ones soul. I once read, a Narcissist is a “Soul With No Footprints”… and this couldn’t be more true. They leave no imprint in our lives other than that we allow and generally that is painful, while in the current, or our memory.

A Soul With No Footprints

It happened and there was nothing there. The relationship was one-sided and we were relating to a ‘soul with no footprints’, a shade, a ghost, a wisp, that leaves no trail because he never was. Our love was unrequited. The relationship did not exist. That, I believe, is the unvarnished truth.

Yes, the pain, the hurt and the betrayal that we feel is something we “ALLOW”. A Narcissist is a phantom on this earth. They suffering from their own self-loathing, masked feelings, just trying to fit in with the rest of society as they think they can BS their way through life. Your feelings do not touch the fragments of their fractured minds.

They don’t even understand the feelings that you have, share, beg, plead for them to hear. The Narcissist only has regard to what makes them feel good, despite if it hurts everyone around them. The Narcissists betrayal of love does not effect them in the same way as it effects those that love them.  

Each and every one of us that is effected by Narcissist abuse can relate to wanting answers to the question’s that are left unanswered. What is rational to normal minds, is not the same as the magic shop of “appear and disappear” that we experience with these Masters of Illusion.

An article explaining what Cognitive Dissonance is can be found by clicking this link “Lost in Cognitive Dissonance with a Narcissist”.

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