One of Two for One

Guessing that the efforts and time spent made to help someone through a difficult time in life will never, should never be forgotten. When you are not the one making that is making that effort and sacrifice, it is easy to dismiss the other that had. To forgiving to forget and still remain, was only as a result of a broken heart that has been held together with a bandage of courage,.

When you find yourself sitting across from a face attached to a shell, you want to believe the plans and future dreams being shared are real… But when you find all that was said and done was just to to justify self serving patronage,it leaves pain in a heart broken

Next you are erased.

It’s odd…

The twisted spins that we find while flowing through this journey called life.

Stars touching our spiritual beings, echoing the thoughts of our inner minds.

Taunting and teasing with the tricks it can play on our magical moments.

Once focused on a new day being born,

the hope and inspirations we thought would bring us to nirvana…

Is there such a place in our time? Will it truly ever be cleansed? The past, the present that is. 

Will it lead to a future, where all is once again in focus and not seem surreal?

I thought of tonight the many dinners we shared in that little family restaurant.

The talks of just this. It brought a smile to my face thinking of journeys with beginnings, not endings. Our joining in thought of all new tomorrows and aspirations…

Oh how it seems so long ago. Funny still… precious thoughts arise.

Despite our paths traveled in separate directions, there are small times in space that I really never thought they would. But the memories still bring a moment of purity, where I remember a man and woman that connected so deeply… and shared more than just a two for one coupon….

~ Echo

The narcissist will take advantage of your generosity and kindness. They do this by manipulating. those that love and care about them. They these sources of supply generally return, even after being hurt to help the narcissist when needed. This of course is until they are all used up!

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